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Parma | Manufacturing of automatic machines admin 28 April 2022

Parma | Manufacturing of automatic machines

OPEM S.p.A. Leader in the manufacture of automatic machines for the packaging, continues to rise on the market, has inaugurated its new headquarters with office and factory in the Industrial area SPIP in Parma.

Ms. Victoria Binacchi partner administrator of the company with his parents, who is in charge of the After Sales company, assisted by Mr. Gianni Soncini and closest associates; decided the materials, finishes and furnishing lines of 3500 square meters. Office setting all the details in a technological, refined and elegant way, the internal divisions and the decor of the changing rooms.
For these rooms, the choice was Armet, who proposed the Line “Quadro” in four color variations, body RAL 9006 (Grey Metallic, common to all the locals), and pastel colors in shades of red, green, pink, blue for the various rooms for lockers , taking up the finishing of doors and wall decorations. The cabinets were placed on the bench and equipped with mirror, shoe rack, objects holders, hooks and hangers. The logo on the door OPEM obtained by punching, is the final touch for further customization that has helped to make elegant the furniture.
During the visit of our President, accompanied by our Director and our Purchasing Manager, we realized the professionalism achieved by OPEM in his field and how much care and attention they apply to the care of their staff and to the image of their company.